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Archive - Jan 25, 2013


Fido & Me - Dinner Party!

January 25, 2013


“Whatcha makin’ up there?” Fido wanted to know.

The Beeg Boy lay underfoot, as is usual when I’m in the kitchen. He’s always interested in what is on the chopping block.

“I’m chopping stuff for tonight’s dinner party.”

“A DINNER PARTY? Hey hey hey hey! I love-love-love dinner parties!”

“Me too, Fido. A great dinner for others is a gift—an act of love. Chef Marc says that, and I totally agree with him.”

Putting the cart before the horse

January 25, 2013


Regarding short-term single-family rentals, Sandy Hogan writes, “A detailed inventory of what we have would therefore be the first step...”

I gently suggest that this is putting the cart before the horse.


January 25, 2013


I have been very naive in believing that the National Rifle Association represented gun owners of America in protection of the Second Amendment.

But the leadership, in response to the slaughter of innocent children with an assault rifle, while proposing more armed guards in schools, has revealed their true loyalty.

The NRA represents the manufacturers of weapons of mass destruction, not only in the United States, but also in the world.

Dog (sled) days

January 25, 2013


We are pleased to hear that Mammoth Dog Teams owner Jim Ouimet finally got word this week that he will soon be able to move his dog sleds and gear into a covered indoor space instead of storing the irreplaceable and historical items in sheds and outdoors in the snows of winter and heat of summer.

It’s about time.

Vons to undergo $4.5 million exterior remodel

January 25, 2013


Exterior has not been touched in 23 years

Vons supermarket, characterized by one town official as “the center of the universe” in Mammoth, is about to undergo its first major revamping.

Starting in April and lasting through Labor Day, the supermarket would get a new exterior and move its pharmacy and Starbucks franchises to new locations, according to plans for the $4.5 million project.

‘One Day in Yosemite’

January 25, 2013


Filmmaker Bumgardner completes ambitious video

Last June 26 was not a particularly unusual day in Yosemite National Park. It was a bit crowded in the Valley and along the Tioga Road features, but it was not weekend heavy.

Ho hum.

But to filmmaker Steve Bumgardner, no day is ever a ho-hum day in the park. On June 26, 2012, he made it extraordinary.

Weather to remain unsettled until mid next week

January 25, 2013


More snow to come, but forecast models can’t seem to agree on how much

The Mammoth area might receive another foot or more of snow over the highest elevations by Monday, according to weather forecasters.

Then again, it might not.

Dramatic theater breaks out at Planning Commission

January 25, 2013


Klassen dons boxing gloves, challenges Hertzog to fight

If they’d known what was coming, the members of the Mammoth Lakes Planning Commission might have wanted to sell tickets to their meeting Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 23.

What's Up, Up Here? Jan. 25-31

January 25, 2013


Influenza arrives in Mono County

January 25, 2013



No deaths, vaccines are still available

Flu season in Mono County has officially begun.

The number of influenza cases steadily increased this past week, according to Mono County’s Public Health Officer Dr. Rick Johnson, and along with it, emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Deputy graduates top of his class

January 25, 2013


One of the Mono County Sheriff’s Department deputies, Wesley Hoskins, recently graduated at the top of his Riverside County Sheriffs Academy class and is now beginning a rigorous field-training program, according to the sheriff’s department.

Deputy Hoskins was hired and promoted through the ranks of the Mono County Sheriff’s Department.

After beginning his work at the department as a Public Safety Officer in 2009, which included the duties of jailer and dispatcher, Hoskins was promoted to deputy sheriff in July.

Mammoth gives mobile food trucks a new look

January 25, 2013


Current ordinances conflict with state law

When Mammoth became a town, the town founders were adamant in their opposition to having mobile food trucks in town.


Since Mammoth incorporated in the mid-1980s, both the nature of mobile food trucks—the infamous “roach coaches” of the day—and California state law have come a long way.

Another county employee to leave, candidate for CAO declines offer

January 25, 2013



‘We are back at square one,’ says Supervisor Byng Hunt

Mono County is facing more upheaval this week after another top county official announced she would leave Feb. 5 and an interim County Administrative Officer (CAO) candidate pulled out at the last minute.

Memorial service for Jeanne Standley Jan. 30

January 25, 2013


Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary members invite the community to join  them as they share happy memories and celebrate the life of Jeanne Standley who passed away on Dec.  24.

It will be Wednesday, Jan. 30, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Mammoth Lakes Community Center on Forest Trail. Standley was a charter and founding member of the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary and served on the Board until 2012.

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