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Archive - Feb 2013

February 22nd

Big Yosemite Pow Wow in Mammoth Saturday

February 22, 2013


The Sierra has been abuzz with concern over the recreational and economic implications of the proposed Tuolumne River and Merced River Plans.

On Saturday, Feb. 23, Yosemite National Park employees Kathleen Morse and Mike Yochim will be in Mammoth to provide information on the two proposed plans. They said they would open the floor for questions.

Fido & Me - Stormy Weather

February 22, 2013


“I said at the beginning of the week that we’re in for a long one.”

“You did,” I said, “and if you really wanted to help, you might want to knock some of that snow off the headlights.”

“It’s going to be a long winter,” Fido said. “Humans forget. They get a dry spell and they think it’s never going to snow, ever again.  But dogs like me know.”

“Just out of curiosity, Fido, what clued you in?”

What was the true purpose of the Snow Pack promotion?

February 22, 2013


I am writing about the Alaska Airlines Snow Pack, which was heavily advertised late last year as discount airline tickets available between LAX and Mammoth Lakes.

My boyfriend John and I were both quite excited about his being able to fly to Mammoth many weekends this winter and to enjoy all that Mammoth has to offer, and we bought each other a 10-flight snow pack for $570 for Christmas.


February 22, 2013


The Mammoth Lakes Town Council talks a good game when it comes to making good on transient occupancy taxes.

But when push comes to shove, the majority of the council showed this past week that it can roll over like so many submissive puppies.

Faced with its first high-profile, public TOT case, council members Rick Wood, Jo Bacon, and John Eastman voted to let property owners Kevin and Carolynn Cozen get away with no penalties or fines for illegally renting their single-family home on Hillside Drive.

Center Stage for ‘New Shady Camp’ staging area

February 22, 2013


Snowmos win big in new Forest Service plan

The Forest Service this past week unveiled an ambitious plan for a new staging area for motorized vehicles at the popular Shady Rest Staging Area.

Jerry Buss dies at 80; slice of Mammoth history dies with him

February 22, 2013


Lakers owner built Rafters, Sierra Nevada Lodge


Mono paramedics under the knife

February 22, 2013


‘Cadillac’ program needs serious trimming, supes say

With Mono County gasping for financial relief, the Board of Supervisors this past week took aim at what one supervisor called the county’s “Cadillac” paramedic program.

The board on Tuesday, Feb. 19, acted to trim costs of the $5 million program—the second most expensive program for the county.

Santa Monica couple beats back huge TOT fine

February 22, 2013


‘I feel like I’ve been mugged,’ property owner says

Mammoth’s tax enforcers, charged with turning up the heat on violators of the town’s transient occupancy tax laws, thought they had a big fish on the line.

The Town Council on Wednesday night, Feb. 20, came down on the side of the fish, though, letting Kevin and Carolynn Cozen off the hook for what started out as a $98,100 bill for back taxes and penalties.

What's Up, Up Here? Feb. 22-28

February 22, 2013


It’s not every day, even in a ski town, that you find a stark nekid womanwandering around the Westin lobbyin the wee hours, and it’s not often that Mono County Dispatchgets a call re: said woman, and it’s not every day that the self-same woman returns with the T-shirt someone gave her for protection against the cold temps and/or prying eyes. …

Snow, wind wipe out VC Super G

February 22, 2013


‘Boat Race’ goes to Treat


Everyone agreed the new snow on Mammoth Mountain was nice, and strong winds made for some nice wind buff.

But it wasn’t so nice for the Village Championships on Tuesday, Feb. 19, which had to cancel its first-ever Super G off Chair 14 to Reds Lake.

The next VC race is Tuesday, Feb. 26. It is a dual GS, with each run counting as a race.

County coffers remain low

February 22, 2013


Property taxes lag behind state


Sluggish property tax revenues will make budgets tight for yet another year in Mono County, according to county officials.

While the rest of the state is beginning the slow climb out of the recession, Mono County is lagging in terms of property tax revenues, mostly due to some of the rural areas of the county where property prices have yet to bottom out.

Youth sports funding applications open March 1

February 22, 2013


The Town of Mammoth Lakes awards $23,400 annually to youth sporting organizations that are in need of additional funding to supplement organized, nonprofit, youth sporting programs operating in and around Mammoth Lakes.

Applications will be available on Friday, March 1, 2013 at the Town of Mammoth Lakes Recreation Department Office located in the Minaret Village Mall, above Giovanni’s or on

New parking regulations for Mono County’s old wild west towns

February 22, 2013


Parking requirements in the downtown regions of Bridgeport, Lee Vining, and June Lake appear to be stifling new businesses, according to Brent Calloway, Mono County Community Development Analyst.

         Current regulations require too much parking, Calloway said at the Board of Supervisors meeting Feb. 19.

 Informal local sources have informed him that people aren’t opening new businesses because they do not want to have to deal with the parking issue.

Home cooks, bakers win in new California rulings

February 22, 2013


Aspiring bakers, canners and other cooks can now sell their wares without breaking the bank or without a complicated tangle of paperwork, after the state relaxed prepared some rules.

In response, the Mono County supervisors on Tuesday, Feb. 19, agreed to keep fees low or non-existent.

Airport eligible for federal funding

February 22, 2013


The rough and not always ready road to Mammoth Yosemite Airport could see some major repair work in the next few years after new Census 2010 population numbers triggered a different classification for some roads.

The new classification allows roads used by a community with more than 5,000 people—in this case Mammoth Lakes—to access federal funds for roads that are heavily used by the community, even if the roads are not within the community.

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