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Mountain folk

February 13, 2015

There is a lot to take in this week.
Everywhere we go, the look is the same: grief and resolve and, dare we say it, acceptance.
That isn’t necessarily what you might expect from a community cut into pieces by the Round Fire’s ravaging run, a community that lost almost a quarter of its residences to fire.
Especially the acceptance part.
Many people that lose their homes to a fire never get there, blaming firefighters, their neighbors, the state and federal agencies that manage the land.


October 30, 2014

It’s a funny time of year in Mammoth right now.

Law Dogs

October 17, 2014

Ron Cohan is leaving as the commander of the Bridgeport Area of the California Highway Patrol. Chief Dan Watson is leaving as Mammoth Lakes Chief of Police. Ralph Obenberger is leaving as Mono County Sheriff.


October 9, 2014

We all may look back, 40 years from now, and wonder how we managed to govern ourselves at all. 


Gym Floor

October 2, 2014

There is something almost charming about the Mammoth High School gym floor.


The Grand Jury

September 25, 2014

Mammoth Lakes Tourism and its boss, John Urdi, got a clean bill of health from the Mono County Grand Jury this past month.


No, No & No

September 18, 2014

Nobody likes Dr. No.



September 11, 2014

We would like to take time out this week to welcome all the athletes and their friends and family who will be at the Kamikaze Bike Games this coming weekend.


Who's in Charge?

September 4, 2014

For the past few years, Mammoth’s Town Council has slowly but surely been outsourcing some of its direct supervision over town functions to a variety of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Winter Woe

August 28, 2014

We keep hearing the same thing, over and over again. 

“I sure hope it snows.” “We need it to snow, or I’m going to have to sell the business.” “The market isn’t going to come back until it snows.” 

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