‘Vintage’ VCs feature “drag races”

The second-to-last race in the Village Championships was fast, furious, family-oriented and funny on Tuesday as racers prepared for the April 10 individual and team finals.

It was, first of all, the annual “Vintage” race day, featuring skiers in vintage gear and outwardly gaudy outfits.

But there was a serious side to it, too.

Due to the snow conditions the race department set what is called a “drag race” for both courses.

A drag race is a fairly straight down the hill course with very few turns. Not surprisingly, the races were the fastest on the hill this season.

Veteran Clifford Mann won the Legend Men’s B, while Joani Lynch also turned on the speed.

Bobby Tanner also returned to VC racing, while sit-skiers Kevin Mather and Kevin Jaegers went mano-a-mano.

Jimmy Greenleaf couldn’t figure out which way was forward, and skied both runs backward. To Jimmy’s credit, he did not finish last.

Meanwhile, the families mixed it up, too.

Adam Gooch, who raced with the Mammoth Junior Race team during the Pleistocene Era, barely beat his son James in a head-to head match.

The Porges sisters went at it, too.

Older sister Janine came close, but Val got the win.