Bloopers and blotter; on the street with MLPD this past week

Drunk in public
A 23-year-old Mammoth man who refused to leave The Underground bar because he was involved in a fight with other patrons later was suspected of throwing rocks toward police officers and was arrested on March 22. He was charged with being drunk in public and for throwing the rocks.

Petty theft
A 34-year-old Mammoth woman took several prescription narcotics from a bottle of pills while she was at the Rite Aid store on March 19 after the check she was going to use to pay for the pills, which she had a prescription for, was not going to clear. The woman took the pills out of the bottle while the pharmacists were not watching. When the check did not clear, the woman left the bottle on the counter and left the store. When the pharmacists opened the bottle, they noticed that several pills were missing.

A West Covina woman told police that she believed someone might have taken her wallet out of her backpack on March 8 while she was shopping at the Busy Beezs Store in The Village. She told police that while she was shopping, she felt someone bump into her and a friend who was with her informed her that her backpack was open. When the woman went to pay for her items, she discovered her wallet was missing.

Lost prescription narcotics
A 19-year-old Mammoth woman reported she had lost a bottle of prescription narcotics on March 20 while riding on a trolley in Mammoth. The woman said the pills had spilled out of her purse during the ride when the purse fell off the seat, but that she did not notice the bottle was missing until later.

A Mammoth man is a possible suspect in a petty theft case after he got into a fight at Grumpy’s Bar and Grill on March 21, was told to leave after the fight was broken up, left, then came back again and banged on the bar’s rear door. He again was told to leave and did. Soon after that, someone threw a rock at a window of the restaurant, breaking the glass and leaving shards of glass on the pool table.

Someone shot the windshield of a vehicle with a pellet gun on March 9. The vehicle was left in front of a Crystal Lane residence while the vehicle owner was out of town, causing less than $400 damage. There are no suspects.

Someone rifled through three different, unlocked vehicles parked on Davidson Street on March 17 and took two iPods worth less than $400 from two of the vehicles. There are no suspects.

Lost property
A Carlsbad woman contacted police to say that a ring that she believed had been in a bag that had been accidentally left in a Mammoth Lakes condominium and returned to her in 2012 was still missing.

Safety violations
A Mammoth resident living on Forest Trail reported that a door in a neighboring rental had been left after former tenants had moved out. When police arrived to investigate, they found several safety violations and contacted the owner. The building was “red-tagged” until the violations are corrected.

Unreasonable noise
Someone complained about “unreasonable noise” coming from a neighbor at the Nordica Apartments on March 21. Police said this is an ongoing issue between neighbors.