CHP aircraft personnel stop 19 speeders near Tom's Place

The California Highway Patrol last weekend took to the air to enforce speed limits on the ground.

The CHP used aircraft belonging to its Inland Division Air Operations Unit, based in Apple Valley Airport in San Bernardino County. Officers stopped 19 drivers for speeding violations on U.S. 395 near Tom’s Place.
That stretch of highway is posted at 65-miles-an-hour.
The sting happened on Sunday, Sept. 15. Officers in the aircraft monitored traffic on the highway, then directed ground units to make the busts.
Officers in the aircraft spent 2-hours, 30 minutes over the highway before calling it a day.
Of the 19 drivers stopped for speeding, seven got away with verbal warnings, having broken the speed limit by just 10-to-20 miles an hour.
Patrolmen issued citations for the rest of the drivers, who all were traveling between 80 and 85 miles an hour.