Code Red alert for Mono City

A woman who triggered a Code Red alert in Mono City this afternoon after she entered a home and was thought to be possibly armed has been removed from the home, according to Mono City resident Liz Holt.

The MT first heard about the incident at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The MT spoke to Holt at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday evening and Holt said that she lives across the street from the house the woman broke into. Holt said that she was escorted from the house "sometime after lunch" due to a possibly dangerous situation in the house across the street. Other close by neighbors, those who could be "in the line of fire", were also asked to leave their homes, Holt said.

There has been no official final outcome from law enforcement as of this writing and the MT will add the official information asap.

But Holt, who is known to the writer, said she first noticed something was amiss when she looked out her window earlier this afternoon when her dog began to bark. She then saw two law enforcement agents, armed, hiding behind trees on the property across the street from her. Within a short time, she then saw many other law enforcement personnel arrive and surround the home, asking the woman to come out with her hands up.

Holt was asked to leave her home until the situation was resolved and went to a neighbors to wait out the incident.

Eventually, Holt said, she saw SWAT team like members arrive in "helmets and vests" and heard a large "bang and a flash. Sometime later, the woman was removed from the home, apparently without harm to anyone.