Fido and Me - Trail Dog

“I never thought there was such a thing as a bad hike.”

“Me neither, Fido, but I have to say, this one sure is a slog.”

“It’s not the smoke so much, although my dog-lungs aren’t exactly functioning properly, and my eyes are stinging, and you look a lot like the Marlboro Man right about now.”

“I don’t know about the Marlboro Man, but for what it’s worth, my eyes are stinging, too, Big Boy. Really, I had no idea it was going to be like this. Let’s turn around and head home. On the way, we can talk about some of the really great dog hikes around here.”

“I hope those days come back again soon,” Fido said.

“They will, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this coming weekend, things will get back on the up-and-up, so to speak.”

“I like the Duck Pass Trail the best.”

“I like it, too, Fido. When you get up to Duck Pass, it’s like you’ve left everything you knew behind, but it’s only a couple of hours behind you.”

“I like it because there’s water all the way!” Fido said. “I like the High Trail second-best.”

“Aside from the fact that I have to put a muzzle on you for the bus ride to Agnew Meadow, I like it, too.”

“There must be a million little springs and creeks along that trail.”

“Fido, I am sensing a theme here. It has to do with water, right?”

“When I get up in the morning, the first thing I ask is, ‘What does a dog have to do to get a drink around here?’”

“Mr. Beeg, sometimes you just crack me up.”


“Do you have any other favorites?”

“There is the Emerald Lake Trail,” Fido said. “I’m no expert on color, but you know how some things just smell exactly right? That’s the Emerald Lake Trail. It smells like money.”

“I’m not sure where you’re going with this, Fido.”

“It’s green and rich. Like an emerald. Like money.”

“I get it now.”

“And let us not forget Lake George, Crystal Lake and MacLeod.”

“I know, I know. They all have water.”

“Here’s a good one, though,” Fido said. “A lot of local dogs I know don’t go to Little Lakes Valley anymore, because their humans don’t like the crowds.”

“That’s fair enough. Sometimes the parking lot at Mosquito Flat fills up by 9 o’clock in the morning!”

“But the thing is, when we were there last time? We only actually saw two people once we left the trailhead!”

“It’s a miracle, Fido, but true. We only saw two people. It doesn’t seem to matter, somehow, how many cars are in the parking lot.”

“And you know what else?”

“Let me guess.”

“You’ve got it!” Fido yelped. “There is water there, practically every step of the way.”

“It sure doesn’t take much to make you happy.”

“I’m not happy today, though, on account of the smoke. And there’s not enough water along the way.”

“OK, then I suggest we find a good hike and maybe get out of this stuff. Any suggestions?”

“Hey-hey-hey-hey! I’d say let’s try Piute Pass above Bishop. Aside from the odd spelling, it’s the bestest of the bestest of the bestest for dogs and you know why?”

“Let me guess,” I said. “Does it have anything to do with water?”