Holler named Permanent Town Manager

For the first time since last September, Mammoth has a permanent Town Manager.


If he looks like the current interim town manager, it’s only because he is.


The Mammoth Town Council on Wednesday, Feb. 19, gave the permanent position to Dan Holler, who has held down the job as an interim appointment since last Oct. 1.


The council did not, however, give Holler an open-ended deal.


Rather, the council gave to the former Grass Valley City Administrator a 22-month deal at $158,000 a year, with a 5 percent merit hike in February 2015, should things work out.


In addition to holding Holler’s contract on a short leash, the council also agreed on a severance deal if he is fired without cause, to 45 days of salary. 


No severance at all would be provided if the council fires Holler with cause, or if the contract is simply not renewed.


The severance package was at the heart of the council’s concern, having paid Dave Wilbrecht $149,250 in severance when he and the town parted ways, then shelling out $16,800 to Marianna Marysheva-Martinez when she resigned last September.


There were no surprises in Holler’s benefits package.


In the agenda bill before the council on Wednesday, Town Attorney Andrew Morris said it “generally follows” that of other town management employees which includes CalPERS retirement, medical and life insurance, comprehensive leave and administrative leave, and “participation in other town offered programs.”