Mammoth man held after separate attacks on Steve Searles and a Mammoth woman

A Mammoth man is in custody in the Mono County Jail on multiple charges in connection with an assault on a Mammoth woman, and a separate attack on Wildlife Specialist Setve Searles, the Mammoth Lakes Police Department said Friday in a news release.

Brian Stacy Macklin, 46, was being held on a bail of $100,000, on charges of attempted felony vandalism, attempt robbery, resisting arrest, misdemeanor battery, and drunk in public.
According to the MLPD, at about 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 24, the well-known Searles, also known as the “Bear Whisperer,” was parked in his marked truck on Frontage Road in front of Schatt’s Bakery. 
Searles was parked so that he could make a phone call on his mobile phone, according to the police report.  
While on the phone, Searles allegedly was approached by Macklin, who tried to open the locked passenger door of his pickup truck.
Unable to enter the cab from the passenger side, Macklin went around to the driver’s side and was unsuccessful in opening the locked driver’s door, according to the news release.
Macklin then began punching the side window and kicking the door while yelling obscenities to Searles and complaining about him using his cell phone.  
Searles broadcast over his town radio that he needed assistance. Simultaneously, a local Mammoth resident, Amber Dessert, observed Macklin punching and kicking Searles’ vehicle. 
Dessert also notified the police.
Officer Daniel Hansen responded and upon arrival, Macklin turned his attention to the officer and aggressively approached him with clenched fists.  
When Hansen attempted to handcuff Macklin, he became physically and aggressively resistive, according to the report. After a struggle, Hansen, with the assistance of Searles, handcuffed Macklin.
Dessert then told the officer that she was parked near Searles’ truck and while still in her car, was also approached by Macklin, who reached into her car and attempted to take her cell phone from her.  
She said she leaned away and Macklin said, 
“Did you see that cop on his cell phone? He’s gonna get brain cancer!”  
Macklin again reached into Dessert’s car and grabbed her hair and hit her on the side of the head.  
Macklin then went to Searles’ truck and tried to enter, and began punching and kicking it.  
There were no injuries, the police said in the news release.