Mammoth Times offers exciting, new opportunities

I read a business article that struck a chord in me.

It compared the differences between running a small business 40 years ago and running one today.
The main difference is that 40 years ago, a business with a solid business plan, good work ethic, and great customer service would survive for at least 10 years before having to change, introduce a new product or service, or adjust to the growing needs of the market.
Today, small businesses have to adapt every six months or so to stay relevant and effective to their consumers.
It’s a challenge, especially in a resort town like Mammoth Lakes, but I think it’s true and affects every business, including newspapers.
The Mammoth Times team and I thus started to brainstorm and think creatively to come up with ways our newspaper could improve and adapt to our consumers’ needs.
In the newspaper business, we have three main consumers: subscribers, advertisers, and readers. The more people in each of these categories, the more successful the paper.
But those were the standards of newspapers 40 years ago, if not 100 years ago.
What is the role of a small community paper in today’s age, specifically in Mammoth Lakes?
I am lucky to have a team of eight individuals who are all athletic, creative, and young (well, maybe except for George on that last one). 
When we exchanged ideas about how the Mammoth Times can adapt moving forward, we caught ourselves discussing our various experiences in Mammoth—whether it was about snowboarding, biathlon, cycling, hiking, climbing, running, and in George’s case, senior healthcare. 
We spoke about them with passion, with love.
We believe those who read the Mammoth Times (locals, second homeowners, visitors) also share this passion, this love with Mammoth.
We do live in a special place.
I write all of this to announce an exciting, new partnership the Mammoth Times has established that will fuel this love affair even further, this time directly reaching thousands—if not millions—more people.
Instead of continuing to do what newspapers have done for years, the Mammoth Times has teamed up with our friends at the Orange County Register, and through this new partnership, a plethora of new opportunities is starting to emerge for our consumers. 
It began in December when I called OCR to inquire about inserting our December issue of the Mammoth Sierra Magazine into the Sunday paper for its subscribers. Although I couldn’t afford to print enough magazines to be inserted into the OC Register’s 265,000+ Sunday print subscribers, I did manage to print 50,000 copies to be inserted.
The December issue featured our Mammoth Lakes Olympians, June Mountain, skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry, and a calendar of events for the winter season (among other features). 
For the first time ever, our Mammoth Sierra Magazine landed in the homes of 50,000 Orange County residents. With the help of OC Register representatives, we handpicked affluent zip codes for the magazine to be delivered to—homes with residents who already have a reputation for loving Mammoth Lakes.
With the success of our magazine, our wheels kept turning. We met with our OC Register representative and discussed other ways to create win-win packages—a win for Eastern Sierra businesses to get more exposure than ever before, and a win for Orange County Register readers who love everything Mammoth.
With so many destination weddings (and we hear the majority of brides come from Orange County), we saw an opportunity. Not only would this new partnership help reveal the Eastern Sierra as a dreamy destination location for weddings, but we wanted to include all types of events, too, like company retreats, family reunions, and photography club excursions, among others.
In addition to inserting Mammoth Times’ special publications into the OC Register, we will promote our pubs on the OCR website as well.
Its website generates an average of 4.4 million monthly unique visitors and 23 million monthly page views combined, and its mobile app generates 2.1 million monthly page views.
On behalf of the Mammoth Times team, I am thrilled to offer these exciting opportunities to our Eastern Sierra community and business partners. We hope these opportunities generate more people falling in love with our area.
As time goes on and we continue to adapt, we hope our services go above and beyond the expectations of our consumers. 
Check back with us in six months. The Mammoth Times will offer even more opportunities for success.