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Profile: Cougar Gold's Mark D. Wallace, a Sarah Palin pal with ties to Bush Administration

February 18, 2011

• American businessman, former diplomat and lawyer who has served in a variety of government, political and private sector posts.

• He is the President of Tigris Financial Group Ltd. (Tigris) and President of United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI).
• He served in several positions during the administration of George W. Bush, including as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Representative for UN Management and Reform.

• In 2000 Wallace played a key role working for the Bush-Cheney legal team in the decisive Florida recount in 2000, where he served as counsel to the campaign in Florida and was a spokesman for the legal team in various national media outlets.

• During the 2008 presidential campaign, Wallace was a senior advisor to McCain-Palin 2008 and led the debate preparation team for Governor Sarah Palin.

Source: Wikipedia. Cross referenced to various mainstream media stories for accuracy.

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