Propane pipe breaks, Meridian closed for several hours

hoursDigital 395 workers accidentally cut gas line

Contractors hit a gas line on Tuesday night, June 18, near College Parkway on the south side of Meridian Boulevard, resulting in a full-scale emergency response that closed the road for several hours, according to local fire officials.

Mammoth Lakes Fire Department Chief Brent Harper said Wednesday that Kleven contractors working on the Digital 395 project hit a four-inch propane line west of College Parkway on the south side of Meridian, across from Mammoth Elementary School, at around 5:50 p.m.

“Mammoth Fire responded with three engines, three chief officers, one utility and an ambulance,” he said.

“Mammoth Lakes Police Department and the county sheriff’s department assisted with traffic control, and were available for evacuations. Mono County paramedics also responded and assisted, and Mammoth Community Water District provided assistance in digging up the pipe.”

He said the police department, along with crews from AmeriGas and the Mammoth Community Water District, dug out and exposed the line above the leak and clamped the line. The line was clamped and gas concentrations dissipated. Crews left the scene at approximately 8:30 p.m. and the road re-opened shortly after.

“We were very fortunate that we didn’t have a large explosion and that we didn’t have to evacuate the Trails subdivision,” Harper said. “We were very lucky that we had winds over 25 miles an hour, which quickly dissipated the propane gas cloud. We were also fortunate that Mammoth Lakes Elementary School was not in session.”