RAW: MCWD Board Welcomes New District General Manager

The Mammoth Community Water District is happy to announce the selection of Patrick Hayes as the new General Manager. Hayes will be starting at the district on April 15. The selection of Hayes was approved at a special board meeting held on March 13.

He will be succeeding Greg Norby who left the district on January 30 of this year. Since Norby’s departure, District Engineer John Pedersen has filled the role as the Interim general manager.

Hayes will be bringing over 30 years of engineering and management experience in the public and private sectors to the District. Hayes started his professional career at ADS Environmental Services, Inc. and left 17 years later as regional vice president.

After tenures as principal and president of water and wastewater consulting firms, Hayes became the Principal Civil Engineer of Glendale Water & Power during which time Glendale received the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies Gold Award in 2010.

Pat will be relocating to the town of Mammoth Lakes with his wife, Cynthia, who is a nationally recognized high school AP math teacher.

“I feel very fortunate to have been chosen for this important position with such a well-run agency," he said. "Both my wife and I are excited about joining the Mammoth Lakes community and making a contribution here.”

Pat is a former US Olympic rower and continues to be active in masters rowing.

“I’m looking forward to taking out my boat and dipping my oars in a few mountain lakes this summer,” he said.