Thank you from MHS senior class of 2013

A humongous thank you to Nancy Mahannah of Mono County Health Department for organizing our senior activities during STAR testing.

Nancy yearly organizes this symposium for the entire senior class at Mammoth High School. The idea behind the symposium is to help the kids at the end of the school year prepare for the next steps after high school.

It is such a valuable, rewarding experience for the kids to participate in during STAR testing and senior dinners.

Eric Leach, from Jiujitsu at Snowcreek Athletic Club, and two of his students, Lucas and Patty Hensley, helped instruct in basic self-defense and the students actively participated in learning these new skills. We had so much positive comments from the students on how much they learned and feel empowered from the experience.

With these skills, the students felt better prepared for the world “outside” Mammoth, which we are all so accustomed to.

The students also participated in a reproductive health talk with our own local pediatrician, Dr. Kristin Wilson.

Dr. Wilson was absolutely fabulous. She spoke directly to the kids and related so well with them. Dr. Wilson covered every topic on the issue and the students participated with a variety of questions.

The kids thought Dr. Wilson was “funny, outgoing and super smart!” The kids also found Dr. Wilson to be very “chill” and “cool.”

Deb Stewart from Mono County Mental Health and guest speakers Sal also presented to the students.

They brought real-life situations about drugs, alcohol, crystal meth, the consequences of bad choices, and how one decision can affect the rest of their lives. The kids saw the “big picture” of living a life of substance abuse. This really opened their eyes.

Urgent Care First Aide presented by Kevin McBride and John Almeida of the Mono County Paramedics also spoke. Both provided basic knowledge of potential life-saving skills the kids might need in their lives.

Randi and Chad, from Wild Iris, thoroughly covered information regarding healthy relationships.

Both provided such useful information regarding dating, healthy and unhealthy signs of a relationship, and very valuable information on warning signs to look for. The kids found Randi and Chad to be funny, knowledgeable, and interesting.

We also had Christine from Mono County Mental Health provide a variety of information on stress, depression, and anxiety. This hour was preparing the kids on how to handle all the future potential issues that the students may face away from home or in life in general.

We also had some very wonderful classes to round out the experience.

We had a panel of speakers who came and discussed with the kids their pathways in life that led them down the road of alcoholism.

These people shared their personal life stories with the students about how they found AA and are leading happy, successful lives.

This was one of the most powerful sessions the seniors had. I was very impressed with the impact this had on many of our kids and how honest the presenters were. It was fabulous.

To get the kids moving, they danced around in Zumba with Megan Czechzin. Megan was so fun and energetic!

Liz Fleming brought the mellow feeling and sounds of yoga to our group of kids. Liz showed the kids how to breathe and stretch and relax.

The kids really had a wonderful time with both of these ladies and appreciated the energy and skills they brought with them.

Lastly, the experience ended with Officer Hernandez of Mono County Sheriff’s Department. Officer Hernandez taught the kids defensive driving. Officer Hernandez had some extremely informative information about hazards and how to drive safely. He also had some very good videos demonstrating what happens when you are not driving defensively.

Senior Class Advisor, Erin Le Francois

Senior class officers, David Harms, Alejandra Lemus, Bailey Rowan and Clare Stapp