Tree removal in Reds Meadow area to begin as soon as Monday

Removal of some of the dead and down trees in Reds Meadow that were dropped by the enormous windstorm last year begins Monday, according to the Inyo National Forest. The tree removal work will take place on approximately 220 acres and will be accomplished under a contract known as the Red Devil Stewardship Sale, according to a press release from the forest service.

“For safety, visitors to the Reds Meadow Valley are urged to not enter areas where tree removal work is in progress and to drive slowly on the Reds Meadow Road because of increased traffic associated with tree removal activities,” the press release states.

“Visitors should expect short traffic delays as a result of tree removal work. Traffic may be intermittently stopped for 15 to 20 minutes at the Minaret Vista Entrance Station, while loaded log trucks travel the single lane portion of Reds Meadow Road.

Call 760-924-5522 for more information.