Who is Greg Eckert?

Greg Eckert, 57, has been a Mammoth resident “since dirt was rock, pretty much.”


The personable snow removal businessman, who also has had a career in property management, said he moved here in 1963, went away to school for a time, and then came back in 1982.


“My Mom was a homemaker, and they ended up buying the Holiday Haus motel. That was before the condominiums. There weren’t a whole lot of residences, so my Mom ran that and my dad started his practice.”


The Eckerts have two daughters, Lindsay, 25, and Rachael, 22. 


Lindsay is going to start a Masters program in Houston in occupational therapy, this year, Eckert said, while Rachael currently is in Africa, working on an ape research project in Malawi until December.


Of his childhood here, Eckert said he has fond memories.


“It was a much tighter community and much smaller community,” he said. “I don’t want to get all nostalgic and weepy or anything, but it was pretty cool.”