Who is Ingrid Braun?

Braun was a lieutenant in the Los Angeles Police Department, where she met her husband Mike, an LAPD veteran who is an avid ski racer and outdoorsman.


A Southern Californian with two sisters, whose Swedish parents were from southern Minnesota, she said she and Mike made the move to the mountains after calculating how much time and money they were spending in Mammoth on their winter weekend trips.


Once here, she said she discovered summer in Mammoth, and fell in love with the place all over again.


A ski racer with the Far West Masters, she also is an active road cyclist and racer with the Eastside Velo Club, and participates regularly in the Summer Village Championship mountain bike races.


“The drawback,” she said, “is that if I win, my participation will go down some because I won’t have as much free time, but I’ll still be out there.”


She said it was important for her to be active in the community.


“I think it’s important to hear about different aspects of the community; what they’re thinking and talking about, and getting to know them on a personal level. Just being in Eastside Velo totally expanded my world, and so did mountain biking and doing the Summer VCs.”