Who is Shields Richardson?

Richardson, 60, first started visiting Mammoth when he was 14, making the trip from Newport Beach with his dad, Jack, and skiing Mammoth Mountain on (now) impossibly long skis.


“When I first started coming up to Mammoth in the summers, I did everything there was to do. Hiking, fishing, swimming—what isn’t there to do for a kid? Funny, though, how the water in the Lakes Basin didn’t seem as cold then as it does now.”


An accomplished athlete in secondary school, Richardson was set to go to Oregon State on a football ride, but a logging accident derailed his football plans. Instead, and on a whim, he took up javelin and rugby at USC. 


As for USC? Don’t get him started.


His career in real estate development and business brought him and his wife, Kathy, to Mammoth permanently 14 years ago, when he worked as a broker on behalf of Intrawest.


Since then, he opened the Side Door Café and created the Village Property group, run by Kathy.


An avid horseman, Richardson during the campaign disappeared for a 12-day wilderness ride with the “Rancheros Visitadores,” then was gone again for Kathy’s 60th birthday bash—“She’s actually 39, every year”—then was gone again to attend a wedding down south.


He is an active family man, with three daughters, Brooke, Hillary and Sarah Emily.