In response to the Nov. 13 letter “Ban burning throughout Scott County,” I admit that I am one of the leaf burning culprits who doesn’t live within city limits. I live in a beautiful peak season color area in the county as evidenced by the fall car and motorcycle traffic.

Providing an area for people to enjoy comes with the responsibility of figuring out how to get rid of the leaves when the beauty is gone. I have a one-acre lot and a lawn tractor with a seven bushel bagger. I need to empty the bagger 50-60 times at least three times each fall. This volume does not lend itself to effective composting on a relatively small lot. We do not have city services to pick up leaves as you do living within city limits; my leaf problem pales in comparison to someone with a larger lot or an acreage.

I have not had complaints from my neighbors about burning since we all have the same problem with the same solution. What may be an annoyance to you is a necessity for us.

Tom Bowe

Pleasant Valley


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