A ‘grow house’ grows in Mammoth


Legal cannabis nursery approved for Mammoth Lakes Wellness

Long after the resolution of rules in connection with marijuana dispensaries in Mammoth, the town this past week tackled the related issue of legal cannabis nurseries to supply them.

The town’s response: “Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.”

The Planning Commission on Wednesday, Feb. 13, unanimously approved a request by Mammoth Lakes Wellness to establish a marijuana nursery adjacent to its dispensary in the Luxury Outlet Mall on Main Street.

There was no controversy; there were no objections; and the plan won tacit approval by Police Chief Dan Watson, who said security measures at the proposed nursery were up to code.

As a result, Mammoth Wellness owner Robert Calvert is now free to proceed with the construction of a growing nursery adjacent to his existing business.

In passing the request, the commission said a nursery “shall only be allowed as part of a permitted medical marijuana cooperative and shall be legally affiliated and physically connected to that cooperative.”

In addition, the commission members (Elizabeth Tenney, Colin Fernie, Mickey Brown, and Dave Harvey) approved back-up language to support their action.

“Medical marijuana nurseries are not considered to be similar to, and no more detrimental than, other permitted uses … in either the

Commercial General Zone or Industrial Zone, because a medical marijuana nursery does not function similarly to a typical nursery and requires special considerations for security, odor, and humidity.”