100 m.p.h. winds pound Mammoth Mountain early Monday; spring runoff begins in earnest

Winds of nearly 100 miles an hour slammed into Mammoth Mountain early Monday morning, while rain and snow in the Sierra put water watchers on alert.

The winds, which preceded Monday morning’s rain and snow, reached 99.8 miles an hour at 4 a.m., according to ski patrol data.

It didn’t let up for more than an hour. At 5 a.m., ski patrol measured a wind gust at 99.6 miles an hour.

The average wind speed for the two hours was 70.3 miles an hour.

Meanwhile, the National Weather Service issued an advisory for the entire of the Eastern Sierra, warning of rising waters all along the watershed.

No flood warnings were issued, however.

“Above average temperatures, along with overnight rains, have caused rises on streams and rivers coming out of the Eastern Sierra, the weather service said.

“Showers will continue today with mild temperatures expected. This will lead to additional rises on local streams and rivers.

“Those venturing near creeks and rivers should be cautious as the flows will be swift and the water very cold.”

The pressure from the runoff should ease by Monday night, the weather service said.

“Cooler temperatures are expected, followed by a colder system on Wednesday, which will mitigate any further increases in stream flow.”