Airport service to include Orange, San Diego

Ready to have 50,000 people land on your front porch?


Under plans announced this week, Mammoth’s airport next winter will handle four flights a day, seven days a week. It will also handle seven flights a day on the busy Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday weekends.

Moreover, the airport will serve travelers from San Diego and Orange County for the first time, fulfilling the wishes of Mammoth-loving SoCals who found the trip to Los Angeles International as irritating as the six-eight-hour drive up here.

“We pretty much have all the contracts in place,” said Mammoth Mountain Ski Area’s Howard Pickett, the director of marketing.

Pickett made his announcement at the Mammoth Lakes Town Council meeting on Wednesday. He was at the meeting to protect the new semi-permanent visitor structure at the airport from the brutal budget cuts in which the council was engaged.

“Certainly by next winter it will be mandatory that we have that structure,” he said.

“We’ll have 50,000 visitors going through the airport, and the airport will be the first impression and last impression they’ll have of Mammoth.”