Andie's Flying Circus and Das Scheisse Pro stomp the field in 2011-12 Village Championships

The Mammoth Mountain Village Championships ended its season last week, and it was one for the books.

Weird weather conditions prevailed from first race on, from a beginning with sketchy snow on the racecourses, a few days of swirling winds and sideways snow, all the way to the end, which was utterly perfect.

The Finals, on April 10, was the culmination of the nine-race series. This year’s VC’s was one of the best ever, according to members of the Mammoth Mountain Race Department in an email.

“The competitive racing, colorful and different outfits worn by the racers and finally, the great attitude by everyone who was competing contributed to that.

“The racing done by the women this year was by far the best ever seen in the history of the Village Championship Races,” the Race Department said. 

“These women put on a race clinic all year. It was some of the best racing you had an opportunity to see. This was evident in the finals this year. Any one of them could have won and they put on show that everyone was in awe over. They had, as a group, the best racing all day.”

Even so, the team competition was almost predictable since Day 1.

Andie’s Flying Circus and Das Scheisse Pro crushed the competition all season.

In the Elite Division, Andie’s Flying Circus, named for the late Andrea Meade Lawrence, skied its way to first place in the team competition with 439 points. Second place went to the Vintage Masters with 424 points and in third was the Miramar Dinosaurs with 420 points.

Andie’s Flying Circus won every team race this year except the first race, when it was not at full strength. The Footloose-sponsored team continued its dominant winning form from last season by defending its Elite Division title from last year and its recreational title from two years ago.

“They have been called the Yankees of the VC’s,” the Race Department said, “and team captain Eric Smith, a member of Footloose and the Mammoth Race Department, has been called George Steinbrenner.”

“The team,” said Smith, “is made up of my friends. We all ski together; they just happen to be very fast. Also we are trying to live up to Andrea’s standards.”

In the Recreational Division, Das Scheisse Pro came in first place with 411 points, in second place was F.R.O.G.S (the Host Program from Mammoth) and in third place, Team Individuals with 329 points.

Das Scheisse Pro attributed its winning ways this season to pancake breakfasts, great outfits and “secret beverages” for each race.

Whatever they are doing (or drinking), it worked. Its margin of victory was one of the largest in recent history. They might bump up to the Elite Division next season, and why not? They were only nine points out from third place.

The final individual results were, Women Ski: Valarie Porges, Kara Munsey, Janine Porges. Not only did Val come in first in the women division, she was the fastest skier overall that day.  Snowboard: Ben Winsner, Josh Ford, and John Connelly. Legend B: Tom Petersen, Dave Mannetter, Dan O’Connell. Legend A: Mike Braun, Jay Johnston, Doug Howell. Men B: Ben Stranger, Ben Voss, West Vane. Men A: Nick Treat, Corey Denton, Adam Gooch.

Also, Isabel Connelly was the women snowboard winner. Jamie Callanan, the lone tele skier, would appreciate some competition.  The lucky winners of the day were Tom Petersen and Ben Stranger, both getting lifetime passes to the Legend A and Men A Divisions, respectively.

Next year’s VC Opener is Jan. 18.