The April 3 Mammoth Times is on the racks


The new edition of the Mammoth Times is on the racks and in the mail, with our reporters roaming all over the place, covering all kinds of events and issues.

The paper offers, in our opinion, a rich potpourri of advertising and content, starting with the front page.

Alongside the Eastern Sierra, state wildlife officials have been engaged in their further efforts to protect our bighorn sheep population. And get a load of that picture: a bighorn ram being airlifted to its natural habitat.

Also, there was a different kind of “Dump Alert,” in Mammoth this week, apart from all the new snow. In this case, the Town Council began to look at alternative sites for a new, regional landfill (dump: get it?).

It’s an important issue, as Mammoth and the Eastside communities map plans to close the current landfill as per state regulations, by 2023.

Meanwhile, up on the Ski Hill, computers crashed after the marketing department pushed out a deal to MVP Passholders, which was to sign up for the new season on March 31, and receive a $200- or $100- credit, good for just about anything on the hill (except for credit toward a new ski pass).

The computers crashed, the telephone lines were overloaded and even Barack Obama reportedly extended a sympathetic shout-out one day later, on April 1.

In the Mono County Board of Supervisor Chambers in Bridgeport, meanwhile, the Supes engaged in a lengthy discussion over the future of its outlying communities’ planning districts—a wonky, but important story—while environmental writer Wendilyn Grasseschi reports the lowdown on our snow situation.

There are also the usual features, of course, from the “Our View” editorial; the ever-popular police blotter; an “Off the Trail” outdoors feature and plenty of classified ads.

An E-Edition version, in PDF format, is available for the same single-issue paper price of 50 cents, along with a subscription offer that includes discount options.

Have a great week, everybody, and we'll touch base again on April 10 with a new edition of the Mammoth Times.