Barcroft Station open house cancelled this year, gate to White Mountain still to open

The annual White Mountain Research Station (now called White Mountain Research Center) Barcroft station open house held at the 12,500-feet high altitude research site on the flanks of White Mountain has been cancelled. However, the gate about two miles below the station will be open, cutting a few miles off the hike to the third highest peak in California, White Mountain peak, for that day (Mt. Whitney and Mt. Williamson are both higher).

The open house day is normally held in August, but this year, the White Mountain station is in transition, with the University of Los Angeles taking over the management of the research station. That transition has made it difficult to hold the open house this year, but White Mountain research staff said they hope to resume the open house next year.

• When and where: Open gate day is Sunday, September 2.
• Please observe and follow any parking restrictions at the Barcroft station.
• Note: Barcroft Station is located at 12,500 feet elevation. Discomfort and altitude sickness can happen to anyone regardless of age or physical condition. If you question your reaction to high-altitude environments, please consult your physician before attempting to drive to the Barcroft Station.

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