A bear cub loves apple pie; motherless youngster gets into house


A young, motherless bear cub with a taste for apple pie has been getting into trouble around Old Mammoth in the past several weeks, according to Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles.

What's more, the 15-month-old cub has learned to pull at heartstrings to get what he or she wants.

"He or she is 15 months old, in great health and good weight," Searles said at a Town Council meeting on Wednesday, May 1, "but I had abut 50 calls in the last two weeks.

"Some people felt sorry for him. He's so small, and without a mother, and that's what most of the calls were about, not having a mother.

"So some people did give him food. One gentleman gave him an apple, and some people threw raw potatoes at him, and he smelled them but walked away and didn't want to eat them.

“It's not funny, this voluntary feeding. The people admitted it; they felt sorry for the little bear. We all know better."

However, the youngster crossed the line at least once.

"The two days before yesterday (April 28), as predictable, it led to the bear going into a house and got up on the kitchen counter and ate half of an apple pie."

Searles, in giving his periodic wildlife report to the council, said all other wildlife-related incidents were usual for this time of the season, including the usual hazards associated with the mule deer migration across S.R. 203 and U.S. 395.