Biggest Budget Loser 3: Employees

The Town of Mammoth Lakes will cut abut $1 million in salaries in the coming fiscal year, the result of a 10 percent pay cut across the board for civilian staffers and a 24 percent cut in concessions from the police department.

Those cuts put the town in a precarious position, compared to similar-sized communities in California, according to the Assistant Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez.

The town’s dependance on personnel accounts for less than a third of its budget. Since 2008, town employees have cut their salaries by 17 percent.

The budget cuts do not allow for furloughs, position reductions, or one-time measures.

Some employees whose health and retirement benefits were picked up entirely by the town will now contribute to their own retirement.

The town staff is by now accustomed to bad news.

Three years ago, the town eliminated 17 positions and the staff that was left agreed to a number of compensation reductions.

Two years ago, the town eliminated six more positions, and most management staff, along with further pay reductions. To pay for one-time expenditures that year, the town suspended the Ice Rink operations and used the available $57,700 to take care of that.