Bridgeport snow sports area open


The Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area (BWRA) is scheduled to open Dec. 6 after gaining three and four feet of snow coverage. 

The BWRA area is suitable for snowmobiling and other winter sports and is located in the Sonora Pass vicinity off S.R. 108. Recent storms have provided enough snow to meet the minimum requirements for opening, but snow conditions are variable.

Snowmobilers should exercise caution as obstacles and S.R. 108 access may be minimally covered. The Pacific Crest Trail Crossing is unavailable unless there is adequate snow coverage to allow the travel corridor to be marked.  Updates will be posted on the Forest Service website listed.

 Permits are mandatory for winter travel in the BWRA and Pacific Crest Trail Crossing Corridor for each individual snowmobile and non-motorized skier/hiker at the following locations: Bridgeport and Carson City Ranger Stations on Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the kiosk located at Caltrans (People’s) gate on east Highway 108, at Sonora Summit on S.R. 108, and at the self-issue kiosk at the Bridgeport Ranger Station after hours. 

 Permits are available in advance by faxing a request form to the Bridgeport Ranger Station at 760-932-5899. The request form and more information about the Bridgeport Winter Recreation Area are available online at For more information, contact Adrianne Thatcher at 760-932-5812, or email her at