'A Celebration of Life' for Dr. Andrew Bourne

Wayne Anderson shares some words about the late Andrew Bourne with family, friends, and community members on top of Mammoth Mountain on Sunday afternoon, right before the group participated in “Andy’s Last Ski Run.”

Later that evening, the ski group joined an even larger group at Canyon Lodge to celebrate the life of Andrew Bourne.


The Eastern Sierra Chamber Orchestra opened the event as people filed in to find a seat (or a place to stand). Bourne’s father, Malcolm Bourne, PhD, led the prayer and good friend and colleague Michael Karch, MD, gave the eulogy. Those closest to Andrew Bourne (friends, family and co-workers) took turns sharing stories, interactions, and past experiences with the surgeon which brought tears and laughter to those in attendance.


The event ended with a photo tribute put together by David Page, James Barne and Kyle Howell, MD.