Chamber offers Ambassador Program workshops

The Mammoth Ambassador Program is designed to improve the level of hospitality toward visitors to Mammoth.

It offers a community-wide hospitality training program consisting of one six-hour day presented in two modules: Spirit of Hospitality and Host training for the town. Spirit of Hospitality focuses on the culture of guest service, the kind of “active friendliness” that differentiates the best resorts in the United States from the rest.

The Host training is knowledge based and emphasizes the services, businesses, restaurants, lodging, transportation, events, and activities available in Mammoth. The goal of this program is to give the employees and residents of Mammoth Lakes the knowledge to answer the most frequently asked questions of our winter visitors.

Why? Although Mammoth at its best has a reputation, a brand, as a friendly, laid-back, relaxed, and unpretentious place to visit residents are not always that friendly, sometimes acting like visitors to the town are an inconvenience. That’s not good for business, says Chamber board member Jack Copeland.

“It is in our best interest to promote the welcoming and friendly hospitality of Mammoth," he said. "Mammoth is not easy to figure out. Since we have no central downtown shopping area, it is hard to find the essential services and businesses of town. You need a guide. Hence every resident of Mammoth should be a Host. We should all be able to answer basic questions about services and transportation in Mammoth Lakes. Where are the banks in town? When do the buses run? Where are the doctors’ offices? Where can you rent a snowboard? Is there a dry cleaner in town? Where’s the Chinese restaurant?"

The Chamber is launching content development workshops in October. The first workshop will be Oct. 20, from 5:15 to 7:15p.m. at Cerro Coso Community College. The Chamber welcomes everyone’s input. Contact Chamber of Commerce (760) 934.6717 or