Chose civility

There is an arrogant dominance of incivility passing for dialogue today.

We are beginning to hear more and more disagreements of the heated variety, most of them are underlying political and/or ideological in nature that any reasonable person might deem as uncivil. 

We are witnessing angry talking heads on television, talk-radio designed to infuriate and demean, email blogging that promotes insulting exchanges, and even our local media is sometimes prone to childish sniping of its own. 

Incivility has become in vogue for many and it is punitive, damaging, and divisive.

There are ongoing psychological studies and research on why some would choose surliness over civility.

Far from the social problems of any mega metropolis, a Choose Civility program for Mono County was unanimously approved by our elected officials and will officially commence next month.

As two-thirds of us believe American society has become dangerously uncivil, this program could enhance respect, empathy, consideration, tolerance and compassion within the community, and who knows? It might even position our county to become the model for civility.

I know when I travel and spend money on vacation, I never seek out an area or culture that is anywhere near what a person may refer to as less than civil.

It seems to me the practice of civility not only lowers blood pressure and creates a sense of harmony, but it is also very good business.

Dennis Kostecki

Mammoth Lakes