Christine Pelosi says "It takes small steps to get it done"

Christine Pelosi pounded out platform points as she rallied Mono County Democrats last Thursday evening.

“The fight for justice is always hard,” said the Chair of California’s Democratic Platform Committee and member of the Democratic National Committee. “It was hard to fight for suffrage. It was hard to fight for social security. It was hard to fight for civil rights. It was hard to fight for healthcare. But we got it done.”

Pelosi, daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, ‘got it done’ while balancing Isabelle, her toddler daughter, wriggling on her hip throughout her speech.

Fifty-four Democrats attended the fundraiser, according to Maryann Dunigan of the Mono County Democratic Central Committee. Dinner was served at the Bistro restaurant at Snowcreek Athletic Club while String Theory provided music that included some original compositions.

Pelosi drew applause when she said, “Politics is not about the big leap to power, it’s about the little steps along the way, with your neighbors, for your values.”

Referring to the upcoming race for U.S. Senator from California, she said, “ I think the job of a U.S. Senator is to make the USA competitive in education, competitive in technology, and competitive in clean energy.”

Pelosi called on the crowd to remember those who couldn’t vote for healthcare or for jobs or Wall Street reform because of the cost, but who now want to continue a “$4 trillion tax cut for the wealthy, double the cost of the [economic] Recovery Act and healthcare combined.”