The comparison is utter nonsense

Beginning Aug. 1, a new rule went into effect that as part of the Affordable Health Care Act passed over two years ago by Congress that requires organizations/employers who provide health insurance to their employees to include access to family planning services.

Mike Kelly, Republican from Pennsylvania compared the implementation of this rule to the atrocities of Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attack of 911 in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C.
More than a dozen Republican members of the House of Representatives, mostly freshmen and all Republican held their own press conferences and agreed with him.
For these congressmen to compare this rule regulating an expansion of health services to the killing of men and women service men and women at Pearl Harbor and the innocent people murdered in the 911 terrorists attack is utter nonsense.
Women and men should have the right to access family planning services with other health care services covered by their health insurance.
The have the right to plan the number of children they have without any interference from politicians who don’t seem to understand their constituents’ needs.
Carolyn Balliet
Mammoth Lakes