Cook leads Mammoth racers; places sixth in World Championships


Mammoth race teams, high schoolers dominate their races

Mammoth Olympic downhill racer Stacey Cook turned on the jets in Schladming, Austria, on Sunday, Feb. 10, but she said her sixth-place finish left her less than satisfied.

She raced at podium speed on the top part of the twisty, turny course, but lost speed near the bottom.

“I don’t know where I lost it,” she said. “I’m a little frustrated right now. I want to talk to my coaches to find out where all that time went.”

She was her usual philosophical self after the race, which French skier Marion Rolland won. The top American skier was Squaw Valley’s Julia Mancuso, who finished fifth.

“This year has been all about speed,” Cook said in an email to members of the Mammoth Mountain Ski and Snowboard teams. “It’s been about trying to find speed in the turns and using solid tactics to maximize what I can get out of the hill. I also have to balance that thought process with solid skiing fundamentals, so I have had lots of slow skiing drills in my program, too.”


Feb. 8: CNISSF High School Ski/Snowboard Race

Mammoth High School’s ski and snowboard teams took part in their final regularly scheduled home races on Friday, Feb. 8. The snowboard teams continued their strong showing taking the top three places in the third men’s slalom race and the top four out of five places in the fourth slalom race of the season.

Fleur Connolly, MHS’s sole female snowboard team member, won both of the women’s snowboard races.  The ski team dominated the two races on Friday, taking the top nine out of 10 places overall, allowing only Stephen Stickells, racing for Bishop Union High School, to take fourth place. Oddly, Stickells competed against his teammates from the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team. Justin Wallasch, also a member of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team, finished followed by two other dual MHS/MMST members, Kevin Wolfe in second and Ryan Foulke in third.

In the second race for the men, Wolfe and Wallasch switch places and Russell Malm, another member of the MHS/MMST group, took fourth. In the ladies ski races Elizabeth Heit had a win for Race #3 and a second in Race #4, with Sierra Gilfoy taking the win in Race #4 and Kyra McKee the second place in Race #3.

The high school athletes will spend the next few weeks training for the State Championships to be held at Mount Shasta in March. Other MHS top results: Men Snowboard Race #3: 1. Cole Brosgart; 2. Kenny Schreiber; 3. Tyler Searles; Men Snowboard Race #4: 1. Cole Brosgart; 2. Devin Tubbs; 4. Tyler Searles; Ladies Ski Race #3: 1. Elizabeth Heit; 2. Kyra McKee; 3. Becca Albrigh; Ladies Ski Race #4: 1 Sierra Gilfoy; 2 Elizabeth Heit; 3 Chelsea Foulke.


Feb. 8: CNISSF North Tahoe Pursuit

While the MHS ski and snowboard teams raced in Mammoth, members of the Mammoth Middle School and Mammoth High School Nordic teams traveled north to take part in the North Tahoe Pursuit. The first lap of the race is a 3k Classic race, followed by a transition to skate skis then another lap on skate skis. Amanda Kirkeby, who took third in the event, said, “It seems easy in practice, but at race pace, when your heart is pounding and your hands don’t seem to do what you want them to, it’s hard to switch your skis.”

Other top results for MHS ladies were: Patty Hensley 16th and Kylie La Francois 31st. For the MHS men: Philip Oxford was 20th, Carson Bold 22nd; Jack Roten 24th; and Gemin Choi 36th.

Other Mammoth Middle School results from the North Tahoe Pursuit: Middle School Ladies: Meaghan Thompson 15th; Sophia McKee 19th; Alexia Craven 30th. Middle School Men: Connor Kusumoto 3rd; Trace Calvin 4th; Jared Mahler 9th; Eddie Matthiessen 20th; Jacob Mahler 38th; Liam Bassler 42nd; Hayden Mannetter 44th; and Orion Ellis 83rd.


The Super Junior National Qualifier at Soldier Hollow, Utah

Earlier in the month, Amanda Kirkeby, along with Carson Bold, went to The Super Junior National Qualifier at Soldier Hollow, Utah. Kirkeby finished 13th overall for FJ2 on Freestyle Sprint race a field of 85. In the 5k Classic, she finished 22nd out of 87.


Feb. 9: Kittredge Fun Cup

Top three results from each age group: Four-year-old female: 1. Lyla Desario (Los Angeles); 2. Lyra Manning (Mammoth). Five-year-old female: 1. Sarah Jeffries (La Canada); Six-year-old female: 1. Piper Wilkison; 2. Gretchen Gooch (Hermosa Beach); 3. Madeline LeFrancois (Crowley Lake); Six-year-old male: 1. Grant Schneider; 2. Cooper Hindshaw (Santa Monica); 3. Dylan Jeffries (La Canada); Seven-year-old female: 1. Reagan Sewell; 2. Regan Clute (Laguna Beach); 3. Bella Musurlian (Orange); Seven-year-old male: 1. Lucas Geyer; 2. Jake Westfall (Mammoth); 3. Bodie MacMillan (Mammoth); Eight-year-old male: 1. Noah Manning (Mammoth); 2. Shaunt Aboolian.


Feb. 9-10: U14 Parallel Slalom Squaw Valley

Twenty-seven Mammoth U14 racers traveled to Squaw Valley to compete in two parallel slaloms. James Gooch was the top Mammoth racer on Saturday in sixth place and fourth on Sunday.

Mammoth results for Feb. 9 were Men: 6. James Gooch; 9. Erik Eisen (Simi Valley) 12. Barrett Calvin (Crowley Lake); Ladies: 8. Sarah Ellis; 12. Eva Yguico. Results for Feb. 10 were Men: 4. Gooch 9. Eisen; 10. Calvin; 12. Connor Staley (Thousand Oaks); Ladies: 9. Yguico; 11. Ellis.


Feb. 9: The European Open in Laaz, Switzerland

Head Snowboard coach, Ben Wisner, who just returned from the European Open in Laaz Switzerland, reported the team had some great results. Chloe Kim placed first in both halfpipe and slopestyle in the Women’s Junior Jam; Spencer Whiting made semifinals and placed 20th in Slopestyle in the Open Men’s Division.


Feb. 10: Junior Village Championships #2

U10-12 Kittredge Kruisers were first, Beach Mint Bombers took second and Jersey Mike’s Jammers were third.  Charlie Regelbrugge (Mammoth) a U12 racer, took the fastest run of the day recording a time of 21.57, with Mammoth Outdoor Sports’ Brendan Torrance (Crowley Lake) coming in 1.19 behind Regelbrugge. U14 racer Melanie Moyer had the fastest time among the ladies. The last JVC race is March 24.


Feb. 9-10: U16-21 Race at Sugar Bowl

A small contingent of Mammoth U16-21 racers including: Zac Kelly (Mammoth); Alex Colby (Malibu); Marco Lorico-Rappa (Las Vegas); Casey Haveruk (San Clemente); Justin Wallasch (Mammoth Lakes); Cody Underkoffler (Crowley Lake); Logan DeAngelis (Mammoth); Hannah Everson (Mammoth); and Katherine Brown (Mammoth) competed in two races at Sugar Bowl. On Saturday, Mammoth landed two U16 athletes in the top 15 overall with Kelly taking 12th and Colby 15th for the men. In Sunday’s giant slalom, Kelly charged to a sixth place finish overall.