Cook second—by one-hundreth of a second—in Super G Nationals at Squaw Valley


Ross wins at Squaw, Mancuso third

Mammoth Olympic ski racer Stacey Cook ran a great race last week at Squaw Valley, but came up short by the merest of margins.

Racing on Friday, March 22, Cook crossed the line just one one-hundreth of a second behind winner Laurenne Ross.

“It wasn’t a feel-good run at all,” Cook said, “but it’s the time that matters in the finish. I think you could have made one-hundredth up in a lot of places. That’s about as tight as it gets, maybe a few inches.

“But Laurenne has been so good all year, and also Julia Mancuso. Anyone who beats Julia in Super G right now is capable of a podium because she was there all year. So that’s pretty special. I’m very happy to be with my teammates. I don’t necessarily need to be on top.”

Thousands showed up on a bluebird spring day at the home of the 1960 Olympic Winter Games to watch the top U.S. ski racers compete. Among them were fans of hometown hero Mancuso, who finished a strong third despite skiing on borrowed equipment.

The challenging Super G course starts in the shadow of the fabled KT22 and bends down Julia’s Gold, named after Mancuso.

It was a bumpy course with a tricky jump toward the finish. Mancuso, who raced on borrowed skis, explained the circumstances surrounding her equipment by saying,

“You have to always have a good run. Super G can be a little intimidating when you’re not ready and my skis didn’t make it. They went on a little trip around California so I borrowed someone else’s. So that’s always tough, too. I brought my GS skis and my coach brought my Super G skis and they didn’t make it. Thanks to Chelsea Marshall for letting me borrow a pair of hers.”

As far as the course on her home mountain, Mancuso said, “There’s some difficult turns on top and it was still bumpy from the new snow we got, but it was still a lot of fun. I wanted to make it to the finish and win, but our World Cup team is super tough, so it isn’t a surprise that Laurenne and Stacey were faster.”


“Goofs” Fun Race

The annual Geoff “Goof” Carreiro Memorial Race was held at Mammoth Mountain on March 20. Skiers and snowboarders from both Mammoth Elementary School and Mammoth Middle School were scheduled to take two runs, but partway through the second run, the event was called due to severe weather conditions, making the event a one-run race. Top three results for each division:

MES Ski Ladies: 1 Stella Anderson; 2 Jamie Peabody; 3 Ella Thompson; Men: 1 Tom Graham;  2 Merty Morgan; 3 Trent Presson.

MES SB Ladies:1 Zeia Rose; Men1 Max Maniaci; 2 Ricky Johnson; 3 Jonathan Hernandez.

MMS Ski Ladies: 1 Makenna Smith; 2 Anya Feeney; 3 Haven Peabody; Men: 1 Damon Kraft; 2 Max Boyer; 3 Lucas Strazzere.

MMS SB Ladies:1 Maya Tubbs; Men: 1 Jose Alejandre; 2 Kevin Garcia; 3 Michael Gibson.

U10 Ladies:1 Erica Lynch; 2 Bryn Urdi; 3 Madison Jayne; Men: 1 Sage Boyer; 2 Bjorn Karlen; 3 Aiden LeFrancois.


U16 Junior Championships

Ten ski racers from the Mammoth Mountain Ski Team were part of a group of 49 athletes, nine coaches, and an entourage of parents from the Far West division to travel to Alyeska Resort, Alaska, for the U16 Junior Championships, March 19-21.

A trip to Alaska may seem like a long way to go for racers who are 14 and 15 years old, but according to the athletes interviewed they would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Mammoth Results, March 19:Women-GS: Brown 42; Hannah Everson 46; Elisabeth Heit DNF-1; Maidman 37. 

Men-SL:Alex Colby DSQ; Logan Deangelis 35; Zac Kelly DNF; Lucas Underkoffler 61; Justin Wallasch 48; Kevin Wolfe 51.

Mammoth Results, March 20:Women-SL: Brown 41; Everson 42; Heit 52; Maidman 38. Men-GS: Colby DNF-2; Deangelis 36; Kelly DNF-1; Underkoffler DNF-1; Wallasch DNF-2; Wolfe 42.

Mammoth Results, March 21: Women-SG: Brown 44; Everson 42; Heit 62; Maidman 23. Men-SG: Colby 42; Deangelis DNF; Kelly 7; Underkoffler 38; Wallasch 70; Wolfe 67.


Junior Village Championships wrap up for the season

The final Junior Village Championships race of the 2013 season was held on Sunday, March 24.

The race was sponsored by Roberto’s Café and was won by the Beachmint Bombers. The event was also the race that determined the Championship team and in a surprise turnaround, the Beachmint Bombers took the title away from the Kittredge Kruisers, who had won the first two races. 

But, on this day the Kittredge team was only able to place fourth, allowing the Bombers to move into first, Petra’s was second and John’s Pizza Works, last year’s champion team, took third.

Individual results are as follows:

U10 Ladies: 1 Jordan Whistler; 2 Erica Lynch; 3 Chaney Szeto.

U12 Ladies:1 Evin Haworth; 2 Kendall Lach; Cheyenne Assil.

U14 Ladies:1 Sarah Ellis; 2 Delaney Kearns;  3 Mack Carkeet.

U10 Men:1 Liam Gooch; Aiden Lefrancois; Leo Sarvey.

U12 Men:1 Charlie Regelbrugge; 2 Elan Preis; 3 Lance Davenport.

U14 Men:1 James Gooch; 2 Barrett Calvin; 3 Ryan Foulke.




Sun Valley Revolution Tour

Eleven Mammoth Mountain Snowboard Team members traveled to Idaho to compete in the Sun Valley Revolution Tour, March 18-22.

Their results are as follows:

March 19 Ski Ladies halfpipe: 5 Carly Margulies; 8 Sierra Bowman.

March 20 Ski Ladies slopestyle:6 Carly Margulies. 

March 21 SB Ladies halfpipe: 3 Kelly Berger. 

March 21 SB Men halfpipe:3 Brandon Davis; 19 Drayden Gardner.

March 22 SB Ladies slopestyle: 17 Danika Duffy.

March 22 SB Men slopestyle:48 Jedediah Sky; 31 Seb Judge; 8 Brandon Davis; 57 Jordon John Rayward; 26 Hugh Marsden.


Three named to 2013 FIS Freestyle Junior World Championship team

On March 21, the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association named a group of 35 talented athletes to compete at the 2013 FIS Freestyle Junior World Championships March 26-31 at Valmalenco, Italy.

Three of the athletes have Mammoth connections including: Madeline Riffel (Crowley Lake) who recently took second at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, USANA Skicross and the U.S. Champion title at Canyons Resort; Tyler Wallasch (Mammoth) who took second for the men at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, USANA Skicross at Canyons Resort and Nicolo Monforte (Olympic Valley) who trains with the Mammoth team as a drop-in athlete. Monforte just finished competing at Mt. Hood Meadows where he placed fifth in the skicross event.