Council meets in regular session Wednesday, Marysheva-Martinez again on 'closed session' agenda

In spite of a plump agenda at its Wednesday evening, it is likely that all ears—if not eyes—will be on the Town Council “closed session” agenda.

Once again, among the topics under review is the future of Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez, who survived a special closed session on Friday evening, Aug. 30.
The council, under law, is not allowed to invite the public to participate in personnel matters, which always are secret.
It is required, however, to announce any action taken during the closed session.
The only clue, if that’s what it was, was that the council emerged from its closed session with “no action taken.”
As to what “no action” was taken on what subject, was wide open to interpretation. 
The council’s agenda, for a meeting on a Friday in front of the three-day Labor Day Weekend was smoky in its intent.
The Aug. 30 agenda item read, 
“Pursuant to Government Code Section 54954.5(e), the Council will hold a conference to consider discipline/dismissal/release of a public employee.
“Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957, the Council will hold a conference to consider appointment of a public employee: Town Manager.”
It was a bit like reading tea leaves for clues as to what the council actually was talking about, both in its closed agenda item as well as what might have gone on behind closed doors.
In the Public Comment segment, which the council chose not to televise, a number of citizens expressed support for Marysheva-Martinez.
Most council meetings, barring technical breakdowns, are televised, including the Public Comment segments.