County will likely hire short-term interim administrator


Search is on for new finance director

An interim county administrator is the most likely choice after Mono County Administrator Jim Arkens leaves Feb. 3, according to county supervisor Byng Hunt.

“We will probably find a skilled, experienced, retired former county administrator as an interim administrator, which will give us the time to find the right person for the job,” he said.

Hunt, who is now the chair of the board of supervisors, said the new board of supervisors—who met for only the second time this Tuesday—agreed that such a route was the right one for the county at this time.

He said the county will then begin searching for a new CAO. He wasn’t sure if the county would hire a consultant as a headhunter to find someone, or if the board and county staff would do its own search.

But he was clear about one thing.

“I am looking for someone who has a passion to be here,” he said. “I don’t want a specialist, I want someone who is dynamic, someone who wants to dig in, put down roots here.”

The county is also looking for a new director of finance after former finance director, Brian Muir, left at the end of December. The job was posted once late last year but interest was low and the applicants who did apply were not qualified, he said.

The county posted the job again and this time, Hunt said, the county is getting a lot of response—from both locals and out-of-the-area applicants.

For more information about these job openings, call 760-932-5412.