County will soon have new bilingual mental health worker, new psychiatric nurse

Mono County Mental Health will be hiring a bilingual case manager and a full-time psychiatric nurse in a move that mental health officials said will increase the amount of mental health care the county can provide—and save as much as $20,000 a year, beginning next year.

The new psychiatric nurse will take the place of a current, contracted clinical psychiatrist, a service that county health director Robin Roberts said is “very expensive” and is only available three days a week. She hopes the bilingual case worker will help close a gap in care that affects the county’s Spanish-speaking adults disproportionately, with such adults seeking care at lower levels than is typical in the rest of the state relative to the rest of the state.

The county supervisors approved the positions 3-0, noting that it won’t cost the county anything—state money is used to pay the salaries—and cover more people.