Court moves forward on delinquent fee collections

Scofflaws, take heed. Mono County Superior Court is coming after you. The county board of supervisors voted Tuesday, June 18, to move forward on a preliminary agreement with the court to collect outstanding fines from anyone who has committed an infraction or failed to appear in court as far back as 20 years.

The “enhanced” revenue collection agreement to fund another part time position at the court will bring millions of dollars to the court, which is facing some steep state funding cuts.

The county is the last of 58 counties to put such a comprehensive fee collection program in place, according to the court’s CEO, Hector Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said a new employee would be hired as soon as the agreement between the court and the county is finalized and that employee will go through existing records.

The fee collection effort will only extend to those who did not make any attempt to contact the court after a judge ordered a fee to be levied against the individual, and only for infractions resulting in warrants and/or a failure to appear in court.

The most likely targets of the collection effort are people who have moved away and thought they would not have to pay the fees, he said.