Deb Pierrel steps away from Airport-Transportation Commission

Six-year veteran Airport Commissioner Deb Pierrel said Tuesday she will not consider a seat on the town's newly-formed Transportation Commission.

"The decision is largely a personal one, allowing me to devote more of my time to by growing businesses and family," she said.

But there's more to it than that, she said, and most of it stems from the consolidation of the airport and mobility commissions.

The Town Council recommended a consolidation earlier this month as an efficiency maneuver, as well as a cost-cutting measure to relieve the town's staff.

Pierrel wasn't exactly on board with that, she said in a letter to the Town Council dated Tuesday.

"While I understand the mindset behind the commission restructuring," she wrote, "I would like to share one concern I have. The airport is in its infancy, really, and already in need of a new terminal building.

"It can be a huge benefit to our community and economic development if handled well; with proper oversight.

"It is a pivotal time in Mammoth fiscally, and my worry is that the Airport, with all of its issues and diverse needs, may not receive the constant and focused oversight I feel it is in dire need of, with a broader reaching commission.

"My apprehension can be easily is easily deterred with an acute awareness and transparency of the delicate balance between Mammoth Mountain Ski Area influence coupled with the necessary strong town leadership working proactively to the communities benefit regarding tourism, access, guest service and income."