Fido & Me - King Me!


“King me!” Fido yowled.


“Go ahead and King me!”

“Fido, what in the world…?”

“OK, then let’s give the cat a ride around the house. He can just climb right up on my back if he wants to, and I’ll take him anywhere he wants to go. The sky’s the limit.”

“Fido, what’s going on?”

“It’s King Weekend, in case you forgot, and I’m all fired up and ready to go!”

“Well, that explains quite a lot, actually.”

“Such as?”

“It explains why we’re watching the Sacramento Kings, for one thing. And it explains the checkerboard at your feet, and the cardboard crown thing next to your water bowl, and the portrait of … who is THAT?”

“That,” Fido intoned, “is Reorge the Chili King!”

“Never heard of him.”

“It’s a Midwestern thing,” Fido said. “I looked it up.”

“Fido, I think you’re leaving someone out. Like, Martin Luther King, Jr.?”

“Who he?”

“Golly, Fido, what you don’t know could fill a book. He’s why we have King Day. I’m not entirely sure what Dr. King would think of his birthday being equated with a ski holiday weekend, but there it is. It’s kind of a big deal around here. And to answer your question, he was just about the biggest civil rights guy we’ve had in our country.”

“What does civil rights have to do with skiing?” Fido wanted to know.

“Good question, you big red lug, but there it is. Almost everywhere else, it’s also called the ‘King Day of Service,’ and I just have a hunch that’s what you’re thinking of.”

“Exactly!” Fido exclaimed. “That’s why I’ll give the cat a ride around the house!”

“What else are you going to do on King Day?”

“I’m going to get the Hound Council to proclaim a National Day of Picking Up Poop!” Fido said. “With all the visitors in town, and no snow this week, have you noticed the piles? We could definitely be of service.”

“I sure have noticed, Fido. Wotta mess out there on some of the resort corridor streets! You’d think people might do a better job at this, but then they never have, they don’t now, and they probably never will.”

“Well, it’s a shameful situation, that’s what I say,” Fido said.

“What else?”

“We could rescue something! Hey hey hey hey! Or we could volunteer a day at the Whitmore Shelter! That’d be a good thing for the King Day of Service, don’t you think?”

Fido lay paws first on the floor and thought about more things we could do on King Day. He lowered his head onto his paws and rumpled up his face in concentration, the way he does.

“We could march around and sing songs and be nice to everyone,” he said. “That would be a good way to spend the day.”

“People might think we’re crazy, Fido.”

“But we are! We live in a ski town, first of all, and how crazy is that?

“Point well taken.”

“And for dinner, we’ll have King Pau Chicken!”

“Fido, I think you’re getting confused again.”