Fireworks at Crowley Lake need to stay

I would hope that the Town finds the funds to continue the long and cherished tradition of the Crowley Lake fireworks on the 4th of July. 

Although I no longer live in the area, it is the one event that my children, grandchildren and I can all enjoy together. 
That, and our 4th of July parade remain our family’s favorite Mammoth celebration, and one we hope to continue for a long time to come. 
You can put up a hundred signs on the 203 as well as any Gateway signs and not draw a single additional visitor but, there is no place like Mammoth Lakes to spend our Nation’s birthday! 
The Crowley Lake fireworks are the most constructive expenditure of funds and it is guaranteed to bring families to Mammoth Lakes and entice them to return.
Sandra Medina
Kelso Valley, Calif.