First-ever June Lake Festival results


Organizers promise event to return next year

Event organizers of the June Lake Winter Festival and Triple Threat Winter Triathlon announced on the heels of a first run, that the family-oriented winter outdoor event would return next year. 

“Everyone in town who participated is already talking about additions, changes and improvements for next year’s event,” said Ralph Lockhart, member of the June Lake Events Committee. “It was deeply gratifying to see locals and visitors alike all having a blast at the weekend festivities, and our community would like to extend its appreciation to every person and every family who dropped by to join in the fun.”

The Triple Threat Triathlon race participants competed according to age groups in a 4.5 mile cross-country skiing race, laser rifle shooting, and a snowshoe sprint. 

“It was a terrific turn-out for our first year with 37 racers participating,” said race director Jarrod Lear. 

The results to the race is as follows:

Men’s age 14 to 55: 

First: Keith Weiland (34:40)

Second: Jared Mahler (36:03)

Third: Kirk Maes (41:53)


Women’s age 14 to 55:

First: Sophia McKee (53:57)

Second: Maureen McGlinchy (59:51)

Third: Alicia Vennos (1:00:47)


Children under 14 (sprint):

First: Gabe Segura (9:29)

Second: Maya Weber (14:13)

Third: Matt Weber (14:14)


Relay race teams of  3

First: Suzanne Tinsley, Robert Cersosirno, Todd Locken (1:08:44)

Second: Ralph Lockhart, Brett Lockhart, Rachael Baird (1:12:50)

Third: Lorena Weber, Kimberley Willingham, Ellen Oberberger (1:21:26)


Men’s over 55:

First: Larry Johnston (51:20)


Honorable mentions:

Eleven-year old Liam Bassler skied the adult course in a rapid-fire 50:10.

Maribeth Kramer, June Lake villager, skied on her split board with her newborn baby in a Snuggly in 2:20:08.


Over 230 people attended the June Lake Village Snow Stroll and voted for their two favorite snow sculptures.  First place was awarded to Ernie’s Ski & Tackle for its eight-foot long trout; second place went to the Double Eagle Resort & Spa for its sprawling friendly dragon.