The fishing season hooked us in 2012

New cooperation emerges

It used to be, back in the not-so-old days, it was every man for himself when it came to fishing in the Eastern Sierra.

But when spring arrived early in 2012, the result of a near-disastrous low-snow season, the fishermen and their related businesses found a bond in the new Eastern Sierra Fishing Coalition.

Spearheaded by the indefatigable John Urdi of Mammoth Lakes Tourism, participants organized a nifty raffle for a boat and outboard motor, along with a bunch of other stuff, then struck a deal to help pay costs for the re-stocking of many streams and lakes with prized Alpers trout from the Conway Ranch.

It worked.

Mammoth, Crowley Lake, Convict Lake and other fisheries offered abundant numbers of fish, and the fishing season never went dry, in spite of an expected stoppage because of low water levels in the late summer and early autumn.