'Flow State' film set for screening at Village


It is deep in the heart of winter; there is powder and great athletes everywhere; and most of all, there is wall-to-wall ski and snowboard action.

All right, so it’s not like that yet in Mammoth, but the ski and snowboard crowd will get a taste of it Saturday evening (Oct. 20) at The Village when Warren Miller’s newest ski film gets a screening.

For Miller, who writes a column for the Mammoth Times, it is his 63rd ski and snowboard film, and this one takes viewers to Norway, Austria, California, Switzerland, and Colorado, among other spots.

The film, “Flow State” begins at 6:45 p.m., following a snow dance, bonfire and a ski burn sacrifice to Ullr, the Norse God of Snow. The event is hosted by the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation.

Hosted by Jonny Moseley and showcasing athletes such as Colby West, Chris Davenport, Jess McMillan and David Wise, “Flow State” also features Olympic gold medalist Ted Ligety in Alaska’s Chugach, Julian Carr in Utah’s Wasatch, and Jackie Paaso in the Norwegian Arctic.

Also, Chris Anthony uses 70-year-old, 10th Mountain Division ski equipment.

When asked about the film, director Max Bervy said in a promotional press release, “The Flow State is a place where the impossible becomes possible—where time slows down and a perfect moment becomes attainable.

“This film reveals what it is like to be completely immersed in the present … completely immersed in the snow, in the mountains, and in the enjoyment of winter.”