Food & Wine Experience a success!

The Mammoth Food & Wine Experience, that just concluded this past weekend, could not be accomplished without the assistance of a huge roster of volunteers. Most were local, some were visitors, some were students, some second-home owners and their families, but they all came together to make the event a success.

Alex Crouthamel, Amy Shamash, Andree Wallis, Andrew Weinhart, Angela Harvey, Barbara Miller, Becky Monroy, Blair Lee, Bob Solheim, Bryson Blake, Carla Weaver, Cesar Medina, Chris Johnson, Claudia Chance, Chuck Satterfield, Debbie Bailey, Dillon Shepard, Dwight Saunders, Duke, Eli Martin, Erica Sutch, Gail Swain, Glen Halverson, Gwen Evans, Heather Williams, Heidi Kanoyan, Jay Deinken, Jazmin Solorio, Jesse Baldwin, Jessica Martinez, Jill Grahek, John Bush, Jonah Salgado, Judy Smith, Judy Bornfeld, Julie Brussell, Julie Rolfe, Karen Carey, Karolynn Davis, Kathie Russell, Kelly Goodick, Kendra Stewart, Kenna Davis, Lane Jacobson, Leigh Gaasch, Leisha Baldwin, Linda Smith, Lisa Daniels, Marci Satterfield, Maria Ramirez, Marisol Gonzalez, Matt Robertson, Maureen Solheim, Melina Limon, Michael Payne, Michele Larson, Nancy Grant, Nick Hartley, Nigel Carey, Noelle Deinken, Pam Pratt, Pam Rake, Pat Sherrill, Patricia Kent, Paula Plum, Priscila Guerrero, Rashad Whitehead, Rich Boccia, Richard Bailey, Rick Benz, Sabrina Sherrill, Sean Lee, Shanna Bissonette, Sharon Clark, Slavka Crouthamel, Sonja Bush, Suzie Fontana, Tiffany Noel, Trish Schlichting, Vicki Feher, and the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce.

They contributed to our ability to support education and the arts in Mammoth. Thank you! (And if I forgot anyone, I’m sorry.)

Rick Davis
Director of Development
Mammoth Lakes Foundation