Former Mammoth man suspect in Nevada double homicide

A former Mammoth Unified School District student and the son of Mammoth Dog Team’s Jim Ouimet is a suspect in a double homicide in Sparks, Nev, following the stabbing deaths of a two-year-old boy and the boy’s 62-year-old grandmother on Friday, Sept. 17.

Justin Ouimet, 24, was arrested by the Sparks Police officers in the community of Hidden Valley on Saturday, Sept. 18, on charges of attempted burglary and traffic charges, after an investigation pointed to him as a possible suspect.

According to police, he confessed to the stabbing homicides while in custody. He was taken into custody after a witness notified police that a man with a knife had tried to break into the house, a call that came "shortly after the stabbing call," according to a police press release.

The witness was able to get Ouimet's license plate number and police traced Ouimet a "short time later" in a nearby area called Hidden Valley. There were no drugs or alcohol involved in the incident, according to Detective Steve Fiore, who spoke to the Mammoth Times on Monday.

Ouimet was married to the boy’s mother and was considered to be the stepfather of the boy, Connor Lawrence. The boy’s grandmother, Lana Stone, 62, was the other homicide victim, according to police reports.

Jim Ouimet did confirm to the Mammoth Times on Monday that Justin is his son.