Fourth Annual Winter Biathlon pulls off a winner

The mountain community of Mammoth Lakes showed its true spirit for the winter sport of Biathlon Sunday in the 4th Annual Mammoth Winter Biathlon. Amidst heavy snowfall of 5-9 feet over the last week, the townspeople overcame blizzard conditions and mobilized in force Sunday morning beginning at 4 a.m. Volunteers built out a 20-point biathlon stadium in order to host more than 200 racers, making this race the largest winter biathlon in North America.

Energy for this historic and traditional Olympic sport was generated by Ironman Kona World Triathlon Championship announcer, Whit Raymond, as onlookers witnessed mass start races featuring some of the top Biathletes in The United States. Two-time Olympian Lanny "Annie Oakley" Barnes and National Team biathlete Susan Dunklee battled it out in front of Masters World Champion cross country skier Carolyn Tiernan for the women's race. 2010 Vancouver Olympian Wynn Roberts edged out Minnesota's rising star Raleigh Goessling for the win of the men's race.