High Sierra Striders raise $15,000 at fundraiser

The Mammoth Track Project got a big boost last week at a fundraiser at Rafters that raked in $15,000.

But it wasn’t all about cold, hard cash, said Elaine Smith, president of the High Sierra Striders.
The organization announced a new campaign to raise money and encourage community involvement, namely a community sponsored “Lane of the Track Campaign.”
“We would like to have a lane of the track sponsored by our community,” Smith said in an email.
“Each meter may be sponsored by a donation of $250. People may donate for one meter or as many as they would like.” 
In return, she said, recognition would either be on the track or on a model of the track near the straightaway.
This campaign is also supported with matching dollars from Mammoth Lakes Tourism. Every contribution to this campaign will thus go further because of the matching funds.
The club invited club members, friends, and the community via email blasts and spreading the word person-to-person.
Members of the High Sierra Striders worked with the community and offered recreation-oriented silent auction items and a raffle with more giveaways.
Smith said about 75 people attended the event.